3 Tips for Comfortable Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can give to your baby. However, sometimes it is difficult to breastfeed and you may also undergo stressful situations. But, if you follow few tips, it is always a good way to bond you and your baby while breastfeeding him.

Here are few tips which can make your breastfeeding experience comfortable.

Have a good diet

When you have healthy diet which supports to increase breast milk, it is always comfortable to feed your baby. On the other way, a healthy diet is a must to keep you healthy throughout the period of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding foods such as oatmeal, milk and iron rich food will help you to boost the supply making it easier and comfortable to feed your baby.

Comfortable Breastfeeding

Use pump milk

Sometimes, it is uncomfortable to breastfeed in public. On the other way, there are times that you need to go out or go to work keeping your baby with a caretaker. If you use pumped milk, it is really helpful in such situations and you can even have a good sleep if there is someone to help you in night time routines. When you know the correct breast pump tips, it is lot more easy and comfortable to breastfeed your child when you are away from home or in such situations.

Use nipple cream

Sometimes baby may bite you or it makes you hurt. By applying some Nipple cream, it is easier to prevent cracks on nipples making breastfeeding a comfortable experience.

With simple tips like this, you can always make your breastfeeding experience an enjoyable one! At the same time you also need to check about potty training your kid when it is the right time.

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