A Celebration of Life: 9 Baby Shower Ideas to Keep the Guests Entertained

Everyone gets excited about the prospect of a new baby coming into the lives of your family and friends and that is why it is such a popular idea to get together for a baby shower before the main event.

You might decide to search out a site like www.villarussocatering.com to help you take care of the venue and even the planning so that you can focus on keeping the guests entertained, and there are also plenty of other ideas to consider on that score too.

Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some ideas to help your baby shower become a fun-filled celebration that everyone enjoys.

Extend the guest list

It might be the traditional view that this is exclusively a ladies-only event but there is no reason why you can’t include daddies friends as well.

A co-ed baby shower could turn out to be a really fun thing to do and it probably makes it more of a party atmosphere with a mixed crowd.

Remember to cater to men and women if you are going to do this, so think about what food and drink will appeal to everyone.

Allow the weather to dictate your plans

Depending on the time of year you having the baby shower and what the weather is predicted to be like you might want to consider the idea of taking the party outside.

This opens up the possibility of playing some outside family games and you can either go down the BBQ route or set up a tent with catering.

Baby Shower Ideas

A bit of pampering will go down well

If it is going to be a girlie celebration a good idea would be to see if you can recreate the spa experience in your own home, especially if you are keeping the guest list small.

Manicures, pedicures, and facials are always going to be popular and a pampering session is a great way to treat the mother-to-be and guests.

Already got what you need for the baby?

You can probably never have enough things for a baby but if you already have kids and don’t need that much in the way of baby-inspired gifts, you could choose a theme that then dictates what gifts guests bring.

If you are having a pampering session, for example, you could ask your guests to consider bring skincare items or similar to the party.

A tea party is always popular

Afternoon tea is a great tradition and an excellent excuse for dressing smartly and getting the best china out of the cupboard.

If you decide to throw a tea-party-inspired baby shower make sure you let your guests know what the theme is in advance so that everyone can dress up in their best tea dress and enjoyed a cultured gathering.

Baby Shower Ideas

Go informal with a kid-friendly event

You don’t always expect to see kids at baby showers but that normally applies to older kids who would rather be somewhere else anyway, in truth.

As it is a celebration of an upcoming birth of your baby it makes sense to make it a child-friendly event, especially if you have friends who already have little ones to take care of.

Celebrate with bubbles

If you are giving a gift to everyone that comes you might want to consider the idea of providing everyone with their own baby-sized split of champagne, with a personalized label as the finishing touch.

Be bold with your balloons

If you are going to have balloons why not go bold with some fancy metallic blow ups.

The big advantage of these balloons is that they look better than latex and you can write any message you like as well.

Don’t forget the diaper cake

If you have been invited to a baby shower or are organizing it for a friend, don’t forget the diaper cake, that can be a stunning talking point and provides some useful gifts at the same time.

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