Primary Beneficial Ingredients of Exfoliating Skincare Products

Skincare has for ages been a craze of men and women worldwide. To this end, people have come up with solutions for enhancing the appearance and health of the skin through the centuries. This only makes sense since the skin is your largest body organ.

Beneficial Ingredients of Exfoliating Skincare Products

One craze taking over the world of skincare by storm currently is the use of Korean products, including skincare giant COSRX. This is because the ingredients used are natural, and unlike other options, do not affect your skin. One thing that should not miss from your Korean skincare shopping basket is an exfoliant. This gets rid of the dead skin, debris, and other environmental elements that will accumulate on your skin even with regular beauty routines.

While there are different types of exfoliants on supermarket shelves, they might do little to nothing for your skin without the right ingredients. The following are some of the ingredients you can look out for in an exfoliant to guarantee the highest skin health benefits.


Body scrubs containing sugar are designed for normal to dry and sensitive skin since they are quite gentle. Their abrasive grains are also smoother and smaller compared to other options. Sugar is a natural humectant. This means it works to hydrate the skin and contain moisture. Moreover, it is a rich source of glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids. These are both chemical exfoliants that will encourage a fast turnover of your skin cells.


This is ideal for those looking for a rejuvenating solution in their body scrubs. Most Korean products use sea salt in their scrubs. There are different grades of the same that will purify your skin to varying levels. The scrubs are ideal for bringing the toxins in the deep layers of your skin to the surface to make them easy to get rid of. Most scrubs will also contain sesame or almond oils to make your skin glow and introduce an aromatherapeutic effect to your scrubbing routine.


Coffee is among nature’s renowned stimulants and will be perfect for scrubbing cellulite-prone body sections. It is generally used in combination with vanilla, chocolate and other oils or scents that will leave you feeling alive as well.  Coffee is thus guaranteed to give you one of the most revitalizing body scrubbing experiences.


Beneficial Ingredients of Exfoliating Skincare Products

There are several herb alternatives used for body scrubs, but some offer little to no benefits and are only meant to fool consumers. The best herb choices for body scrubs are orange peel, rosemary, and lavender flower. The benefits you reap from a herbal body scrub primarily depend on the type of herbs used. Since the dried plants used in these scrubs are light and soft, herbs are generally used in combination with abrasive materials like sugar and salt.

People are naturally apprehensive of shopping for cosmetic products online. They do not feel guaranteed of the quality and safety of the products since most are traditionally used to dealing with other people. The above products are nonetheless the essential ones you should focus your choice of body scrub on. Provided you shop from a reputable rather than the cheapest store, you can rest assured of the quality of your product.

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