Benefits of an Alternating Pressure Mattress in the Hospital

People might spend the whole day sitting on a chair. However, when its time to sleep, everyone makes use of a bed because beds were designed for sleeping and are a lot more comfortable than chairs. While beds are meant to make one’s rest very comfortable, there are times sleeping on a bed becomes uncomfortable. This discomfort that is associated with sleeping on a bed usually comes into play when a bed is getting old. Apart from sleeping on an old or bad bed, when a patient is extensively injured, there is an increased likelihood of them being uncomfortable on a bed and having bedsores.

Benefits of an Alternating Pressure Mattress

There are various ways to handle the issues of patients developing bedsores. However, one tried and trusted way to get this done is by making use of an alternating pressure mattress. With alternating pressure mattresses, people can sleep on a mattress for a long time without developing any sores.

What is an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

An alternating pressure mattress is basically a mattress that was designed to keep patients free from bedsores. It makes use of pressure redistribution which brings about a stimulation of blood flows which ultimately the nourishment of the skin.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Helps the Flow of Blood

Alternating pressure mattress might be popular for having the ability to control moisture. It can, however, do much more than just control moisture. It helps in promoting the flow of blood which ensures rapid healing. Although the ability of an alternating pressure mattress to manage moisture is very popular, its ability to promote the flow of blood is considered more important.

When wounded people make use of an alternating pressure mattress, this mattress regulates pressure levels, thereby, bringing about an increase in the flow of blood towards the part of the body that is wounded. This is vital because the flow of blood towards an injured part of the body plays a major role in determining the time for healing to take place.

Alternating pressures mattresses help quicken the rate at which wounds heal. In addition to making wounds heal faster, they can also help in the prevention of infections.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Helps in Moisture Control

One of the many benefits of alternating pressure mattes is it encourages healing through moisture control. This type of mattress makes use of a blower pump in taking out excess moisture. While at this, it ensures that the patient gets immersed properly in the mattress.

The ability of the alternating pressure mattress to control moisture makes it possible for it to successfully manage severe wounds. This is possible because this type of mattress is made from a fabric that is permeable to vapor. Due to this, moisture which moves out of a patient’s body is able to move through the fabric covering the mattress and meets the air which is blown out of the mattress. This way, it becomes possible for a patient to stay dry and cool after being in a position for a fairly long while and air does not get blown on their skin directly.

They Are Convenient

The use of alternate pressure mattresses is not limited to hospitals alone. They can be used at home as well. When used, they provide a lot more comfort than other times of mattresses.

They Make Use of Low-Air Loss Technology

Alternate pressure mattresses make use of some of the latest technologies. They feature lots of holes that make it possible for air to escape in small amounts. Due to the fact that air leaks out of this mattress, patients lying on them almost have the feeling that they are airborne. In addition to making them feel like they are floating in the air, they can stay cool while asleep.

They Have Alternate Pressure Points

The fact that alternate pressure mattresses feature alternate pressure points means a patient’s body can always move very comfortably. Due to this, there is a huge likelihood that patients that make use of alternate pressure mattress will not be affected by bedsores.

How Does an Alternating Pressure Mattress Work?

All alternating pressure mattresses have surfaces that are covered with several tiny holes. These surfaces blow air which makes patients feel like they are floating. This phenomenon reduces the contact the skin has with the surface of the mattress. Although this seems infinitesimal, it is very significant and can go a long way in keeping a patient free from bedsores. The fact that a patient does not have full contact with the surface of the bed ensures they stay dry and moisture is moved away.

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