Benefits of Quitting Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Do you miss the Facebook status updates of your friends if you do not log in for a day?

Some of the recent studies show that some people who are addicted to Facebook think that others have a good and happier life than him. The more you spend on Facebook, you start comparing yourself with others and that can lead to stressful situation and dissatisfaction of your own life.

Other than that, the more you spend time on Facebook, you will forget to build up your personal relationships. Instead of building in-person relationships, you will tend to deal with and communicate with friends in Facebook. Finally this can end up with stress, anxiety and depression.

Benefits of quitting Facebook

Benefits of quitting Facebook

If you spend more time on Facebook checking updates of others and chatting, quitting Facebook may give benefits for you. At the time you decide to quit Facebook, you save lot of your free time which you can use for any other work or to spend with your family and friends in-person.

You will not feel stressful or depressed or even you will not compare your life achievements with others success. Simply, you will not feel jealous on others vacation pictures because you couldn’t go for a holiday for a long time.

How to quit Facebook?

Once you decide to quit Facebook, it is really easy and you simply want to control your Facebook addiction. Don’t worry, you will not miss it. Instead you will have a better life. Check for more helpful details and tips on quitting Facebook. By following each of the helpful tips, you can easily quit Facebook without missing it.

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