6 Proven Ways to Help Stop Negative Thoughts

How to Find Yoga Courses in Koh Phangan – Thailand

Blessed with Buddhist traditions and culture, Koh Phangan is one of the beautiful locations in Thailand which many tourists attract each year for relaxing holidays. With the best of the best gifts of nature, Koh Phangan is an ideal location for practicing yoga and other healing training courses. That is

Zika Virus: A Guide For Women

These days’ news and reports around the world are with terrible stories of Zika virus infections and its effects. Although there is lots of news about Zika virus, have you found many awareness programs on how to prevent from it? Sadly, the answer is ‘No’. Zika is a Virus which

The Pros And Cons Of Teaching English Abroad

Yoga School in Thailand

Are you looking for learning Yoga in Thailand? If you love to learn Thai Yoga, the first thing is that you need to find the best Yoga School in Thailand. With available many Yoga Training Schools, it is better to select a yoga school which focuses on giving you complete

Benefits of quitting Facebook

Benefits of Quitting Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Do you miss the Facebook status updates of your friends if you do not log in for a day? Some of the recent studies show that some people who are addicted to Facebook think that others have a good and happier life than him. The

Is Online Doctor Beneficial For you?

Nowadays online doctor sites become more popular among people. With lot of workload and other things to do, it is really easy to consult a doctor online for general consultation. Once you get advice from a professional doctor, you can continue to visit a doctor or cure your issue with

Benefits of Floatation Tank Rest Sessions on Creativity

Benefits of Floatation Tank Rest Sessions on Creativity

floating connects people to others and themselves, your mind can work and create solitude, which then leads to the ability to excel in chosen fields of study, creativity and personal endeavours. The main reported benefit of floatation rest on the mind is a strong calming effect, floatation in sensory deprivation

Benefits of Playing Brain Games

The Benefits of Playing Brain Games

There are so many games which you can easily find these days. But, the first impression of these games is like they waste your time. Or even you may think playing these video games are completely useless and addiction. Although anything beyond the limit and control is an addiction, playing