Cats Unique Beads for Unique Handmade Polymer Jewelry

Are you looking for unique handmade jewelry?Or do you like wearing luxury expensive jewelries and luxury watches such as Rolex? Cats Unique Beads, a truly unique Etsy shop with beautiful handcrafted bracelets, earrings and necklaces is the perfect place for look for unique jewelry items. All the jewelry in this etsy shop is handcrafted with polymer clay beads to make each item unique and special.

If you check the design collection at Cats Unique Beads Etsy shop, you’ll find that each item is not only unique, but affordable too. Created with more care and attention by the shop owner Cathy Gonzales, we are sure these jewelries are great for anyone who loves unique handmade designs.

As per Cathy Gonzales, she experimented with polymer clay and with trial and error she finally created beautiful designs. She likes to mix many different colors together to get unique designs on her beads.

Cats Unique Beads for Unique Handmade Polymer Jewelry

Visit Cats Unique Beads boutique now and see the gorgeous collection of handmade jewelry. You’ll amaze with the stunning designs available. Be sure to join with her facebook page,twitter or check the shop frequently, because she always adds new creations to her jewelry collection!

Check her Etsy shop:


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