What Are the Top 3 Challenges Faced by the Mountain Bike Industry?

Challenges Faced by the Mountain Bike Industry

The mountain bike industry is on top of the world right now. Over the last few years, the sport of mountain biking has seen a revival like never before. Although mountain biking is more popular than ever before, and sales are booming, the industry is not without its challenges. Recognizing the top three challenges to the mountain bike industry will help professionals embrace them and eventually conquer them.

Mountain Biking Is Addictive

What many people have found is that mountain biking is highly addictive, and that is certainly a good thing. The adrenaline rush and higher self-esteem that is felt when mountain biking is something everyone simply cannot get enough of. Visiting https://www.100percent.com/pages/bike shows just how amazing mountain biking can become for new bikers.

Once a person experiences the thrill of mountain biking, they want to continue. It is believed people are realizing the importance of relaxing, getting away from it all, and staying physically fit. Mountain biking offers all three.

Challenges Faced by the Mountain Bike Industry

Three Big Challenges Faced By the Mountain Biking Industry

Mountain bikers, and the industry as a whole, have never been one to back down from a challenge. Instead of running from challenges, the industry embraces them and finds ways to overcome them. The following offers information on some of the biggest challenges that are facing the mountain bike industry today.

Ebikes Could Be a Problem

Ebikes are a controversial subject that has somewhat divided the mountain bike industry. Proponents of electric bikes say they allow individuals who cannot ride a traditional mountain bike to be able to get out and experience a thrilling ride. Those who are against ebikes say they take away from the purity of the sport.

No matter which side of the aisle industry officials find themselves on, there are concerns. These bikes send people up the trails much faster than human peddling, which could lead to conflicts and even collisions. There are also legal ramifications because these bikes are not allowed everywhere.

Failure to embrace these bikes and formulate solid solutions for problems could harm the mountain bike industry in the long run. It is clear these bikes are here to stay, so the industry needs to find a way to accept them.

Trail Access Could Be Denied

Another big challenge to the mountain bike industry is trail access. Without trail access, mountain biking becomes a lost art that dies out quickly. To ensure trail access continues to be granted, industry leaders are urging mountain bikers to remain responsible.

It is important that everyone considers user responsibility. The industry must embrace responsible biking as a whole to continue to secure trail access for all riders. If everyone embraces this ideology, the sport will remain protected.

Customer Connection Is Weak

Connecting with customers is yet another challenge faced by the mountain biking industry. Many bike shops are closing down across the country due to increasing online sales. Although online sales offer convenience, they cannot offer that perfect fit and expert guidance.

The industry must focus on the rider. Helping them choose the perfect bike, with the right fit, is going to launch a lifelong love of mountain biking. The more people that fall in love with the sport the better its future looks.


While the mountain biking industry is growing by leaps and bounds, it is not without its challenges. Overcoming the above challenges is essential for keeping the sport alive. With creativity and passion, the industry is addressing these challenges and rising to the occasion.