Choosing and Buying the Right Fur – Top Tips

Fur has always been a practical and fascinating element of fashion. Even today, a fur clothing product remains a manifestation of great care and artisanship, a craft that has not changed for centuries. Adding to your fur collection or picking your first fur product up is always a nice occasion, as you will be acquiring a piece of fashion that is timeless in nature.

Buying the Right FurWhen buying fur, there are certain things you need to consider. Fur has evolved in quality and durability. It is not uncommon to find reversible clothing – one side fur and the other side leather. Different types of furs offer different textures – bobcat and chinchilla products are considered very soft but also require more care than a durable mink or beaver fur product.

Pricing can often be a discouraging factor for those who want to buy fur products. Thankfully, with platforms like Fur Clearinghouse, you can lay your hands on the most exquisite fashion at very affordable prices. As you set off on your quest to buy some quality fur – here are some points to ponder.

Things to Know About Fur

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There are plenty of options when it comes to shades and colors. Many prefer the natural tones of a fur while there are those who opt for more eye-catching dyes. Remember that you can also use certain techniques to add to the allure of your fur purchase, like brightening and tip-dyeing.

A good quality fur product comprises of well-matched pelts and it has a lustrous and thick feel. The upper fur is known as the guard hair and the underfur beneath has a softer texture. These distinctions are also an indicator of good make. The stitching and finishing are also very important. Your new fur item should have tight seams and straight hems. Even though many fur items look voluminous, most fur clothing nowadays is lightweight. When trying a fur item, make sure it falls evenly and spreads in a balanced manner. How it shapes your shoulder is very important for that perfect, opulent look.

How to Store Fur

Buying the Right Fur

The manner in which you store your fur when you are not wearing is very important to increase the life of this luxurious product. Cold storage is always recommended. Storage temperatures should ideally not go beyond 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) and your fur should also be stored in a humidity-controlled environment. The higher the humidity, the fur will start rotting. At the same time, if the humidity is too low, certain natural oils in the fur will deplete and the fabric will dry up and lose its texture. The storage space should be safe from insects and vermin and do not crunch all your fur items together. There should be enough space for the fabric to breathe.

Do not keep your fur clothes in a cedar closet as this particular wood absorbs moisture and will dry them out. Another common mistake is keeping mothballs in your fur storage. The chemical reaction between the mothballs and the air will damage your precious fur items.

These are just some of the basics that you need to keep in mind as you expand your fur collection. By being informed, you can enjoy the warmth and aesthetic beauty of your favorite fur items for a very long time.

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