Compevo Communications – The Leader in Reliable Advanced Business IT Solutions

With the demand for web hosting services and other related stuff, it is always important to get your IT related services from a reliable and well established company. Compevo Communications is such a leader in the market which believes best customer service as an important thing for their business.

Compevo Communications is a leading IT service provider in the world with well trained staff to cater business of all sizes. As the CEO of the company Compevo Communications, Areeb Yasir started his company in 2001 with the initial name ‘computer evolution’. His main idea was to deliver the technical supporting services to Vancouver, BC of Canada which was his local area. However, with quality work and demand for their services, compevo communications could become a leading IT service provider in short period of time and CEO Areeb Nasir could expand his business to the current status which they are able to offer almost all IT services to its clients.

compevo communications

With successful facing to 2008 financial crisis, this company currently focus on North America and Asia and expanding their business all over the world.

To find more information and services offered by Compevo Communications, please visit the company website or you can also read the blog run by the company CEO Areeb Yasir by visiting

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