Everything You Should Know About Conditioning And Cleaning Your Fur Coats

Since a fur coat is an expensive investment, it is necessary that you take proper care of it such that it lasts a lifetime. This will require you to do proper cleaning and conditioning of the fur from time to time. And by keeping the fur in its natural state for as long as possible, you will be able to use it for a very long time. Below, we will look at a few basic things you should know about cleaning and conditioning your fur garments.

Everything You Should Know About Conditioning And Cleaning Your Fur Coats

  • The Importance Of Cleaning And Conditioning The Fur

Just as with any other clothes, your fur coat will attract pollutants and dirt from its surroundings which will make it unclean. However, unlike other types of fabric, these pollutants will have a far damaging impact on the quality of the fur. The chemical pollutants that get deposited can eventually decrease the softness and sheen of the coat. In addition, it will also affect the natural oils present in the fur. It is these oils that keep the hairs of the fur moisturized and make the coat look great.

When the natural oils in the coat dry out, the fur becomes brittle and weak. And as a result, it starts breaking apart and falling off. In no time, your fur coat will start showing bald patches and spots. But when you clean and condition your fur garment on a regular basis, all the pollutants and dirt are removed from it. Moreover, conditioning will help replenish the oils and re-moisturize the fur, making it look healthy and shiny again. In addition to cleaning, it is also important that you use the best fur coat storage options available to you.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Storing Your Fur Coat

  • Frequency Of Cleaning And Conditioning

As a rule of thumb, you need to clean your fur coat once every year to remove the dirt, dust, and other pollutants deposited on it. The cleaning must be done by a professional furrier who has several years of experience of cleaning fur garments. Additionally, it is recommended that the cleaning is only done before the summer storage. This way, the coat will be as good as new by the time the cold sets in and you consider using the fur again. Conditioning the coat will mostly depend on the state of the fur. And in this regard, it is better to follow the suggestions of your furrier and get your coat conditioned only when they ask you to do so.

  • How To Condition A Fur Properly

In case you wish to condition the coat on your own, you should first ensure that it is free from all dirt and dust. Once cleaned, put down the coat on a flat surface with its back facing upward. Then, take a microfiber cloth and wrap it around your hand. Starting from the shoulders, apply an even-pressured stroke straight down. Follow this process for the entire back and front of the coat. That’s it. You have now conditioned the coat and released its natural oils. Just make sure to replace the microfiber cloth when it is soiled.

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