Creative Cremation Keepsakes Ideas

A funeral is not a happy event in anyway. After cremation you will have ashes of your loved one which you can keep as memories. But, you may not know what to do with cremation ashes of your loved one. There are many creative ways to keep such cremation ashes by turning those into beautiful jewelry or creative pieces of arts.

Cremation Keepsakes Ideas

How to choose the best Cremation Ashes Keepsakes?

If you check for cremation keepsakes or cremation ashes keepsakes, you will find many different ideas and online shops who sells such keepsakes. However before you choose cremation keepsake to keep the ashes of your loved one, think twice. Choose best quality durable ones. If you decide on making cremation ashes jewellery keepsakes, then check for the quality of final product. Talk with the seller or cremation ashes keepsakes artist on how they make the memorial keepsake. Ask questions that you might have. These steps will help you to decide on the best keepsake that last for a long time.

Below are some of the best ideas that you can use for cremation ashes of your loved one. These ideas are meaningful and help you to keep the memories of your loved ones close to heart.

Glass Cremation Pendants

cremation keepsakes ideas
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A glass cremation pendant is a beautiful and perfect way to keep the ashes of your loved ones near to you. There are beautiful designs of glass cremation pendants available and you can easily choose a matching design which you can wear daily. Such glass cremation pendant will include the ashes of your loved one and you will keep the memories with you always.

Blown glass keepsakes

Blown glass art pieces are another beautiful way to keep your loved one’s memories. Artists use cremation ashes inside molten glass and turn the glass into creative art pieces. This will be a beautiful keepsake to keep your loved one’s memories as an art piece that decorates your home.

Cremation Ash Marble

I found this idea of cremation ash marble on In this cremation ash marble, cremation ash is featured as spirals. Ashes are infused into glass and it is a handmade art piece that is great as a cremation ashes keepsake.

Memorial Candles

Memorials candles are another perfect way to use cremation ashes of your loved ones. Memorial candles are unique and it will be a perfect addition to your home with a photo inserted. You will keep your loved one’s cremation ashes as a beautiful display and these memorial candles are so precious in a way to keep memories.

Above are some of the best ways to keep your loved one’s memories with you for a long time.By using such cremation ashes keepsakes,you will not forget the best times spent with him or her.It will be a feeling that your loved one is with you always.With cremation ashes jewelry, you will keep memories wherever you go.You will not forget them for your entire lifetime.This will be a one good way to forget your sorrow.Although aparting from your loved one is a moment that you cant forget,these cremation ashes keepsakes will keep you away from all your sorrow!


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