Engage Creatives for Causes if you are looking for Creative Volunteers in Singapore!

There are many charities and NGO’s in Singapore which they do not know how to promote their good work or they are sometimes lack of volunteers who are willing to help them in promoting the good cause they have engaged in. To bridge the gap between these NGO’s and charities with the volunteers, now there is a platform which enables organizations to meet and connect with volunteers with skills in creative media.

Creatives for Causes for Creative Volunteers in Singapore!

Creatives for Causes

Creatives for Causes is a Singapore based platform which provides creative work and services for NGO’s and charities. It is also a platform for creative who are willing to receive freelance assignments from businesses.

Founded in 2012, Creatives for Causes helps charities in Singapore to promote their work and on the other way these assignments & projects are a good way for young students to engage with real projects to enhance their skills. Those young students who are keen on practicing and experiencing what they learn through the real projects, Creatives for Causes has provided a platform to connect with the NGO’s, charities and businesses.

If you are a talented professional or student in any skills such as  Photography, Videography, Blogging, Graphic design or any other skills which you think you can volunteer with charities and NGO’s, you can join with the CFC network and start helping others and receive assignments.

When we contacted the Founder of Creatives for Causes, Jeraldine Phneah together with her team, their main aim is to help charitable organizations in Singapore to promote their work and spread about their work with the help of the CFC network and their social cause.

Engage us if you are looking for Creative volunteers in Singapore! This is what their mission now.

So, have a look into www.creativesforcauses.com and see what the services you can get from them are.

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