Crocus-Beautiful Bulb Flowers



Crocus-Beautiful Bulb Flowers
Bulb flowers are among the most popular of all ornamental plants. They are so pretty and they have enjoyed striking popularity for many years.  Bulbs are popular for their hardiness; color and variety. Also there are enough types of bulbs to please anyone who likes flowers and gardening.

Crocuses are another type of bulbs typically bloom in early spring or in late winter. They feature tubular shaped flowers ranging in size from 1½” to 3” long. 
Crocuses come in a rainbow of colors, and these beautiful flowers are a staple of many gardens.  Other types of crocus, such as the saffron crocus, bloom in the fall. These flowers can rise from the bare ground after few weeks, or even only days, after the bulbs are planted.
It is important to plant crocus bulbs as soon as they become available in the fall.  Usually the best way to plant crocus bulbs is two to three inches deep, and with a spacing of three or four inches between bulbs.
When you plant Crocus bulbs, you should pay more attention to the soil. These bulbs should be planted in good quality soil with good drainage. Further they should be provided with full sun or partial shade .water regularly during their growing and blooming seasons for better results.
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