Dating Tips to Nail Your First Date

Going out for a date, especially after being single for a while, often brings forth mixed feelings. Online dating can be fun since you’ll be getting a one-on-one experience with someone you have been texting or messaging for some time.

Dating Tips to Nail Your First Date

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However, you don’t have to think too much, because here is a comprehensive guide on how to get through your first date.

Anxiety Is Normal

Being anxious is normal. Of course, you may have those fears of what if she or he doesn’t turn up or what she/he will think about you. Dates are an adventure, so if you feel overly anxious, remember take a breath and put your best foot forward.

Just Be You

Being simple and true to yourself is critical. In most instances, people are tempted to lie about their skills or talents. However, most people end up getting caught later on in the relationship for some of the lies they said during their first date. For instance, imagine claiming that you are a great swimmer, then three to four dates down the road you are invited for a swimming date. What will you do?

Additionally, psychology says we are more attractive when relaxed, so don’t spoil that look with a fake you.

Have Fun

Dates are not job interviews, so don’t go in there all serious. Loosen up a little bit, crack a joke or two to get the conversation flowing. Avoid tension and tell yourself you are going to have fun with a potential soulmate.

P.s. Don’t replicate everything you see on the screen.

Be Open Minded

If you start having bad premonitions about your date, then you’ve already set yourself on the wrong path. It’s critical that you listen keenly to your partner. Give them ample time to express themselves and don’t cut them off. I bet he or she will reciprocate and it can be a good litmus test on whether you two are compatible and can work through things.

Avoid Mind Games

Always be sincere about your feelings. People still fall victim of lying about how they feel about their date. However, according to relationship experts, being honest about your intentions and feelings always puts both of you at ease.

Set Up the Second Date

For men, if things go well, don’t take long before setting up a second date. This is because, according to relationship gurus’, women tend to be anxious if a second date isn’t suggested quickly. She will worry that you don’t like her.

On Matters Budget: Split If You Can

Most people do split the bill on their first date. Nonetheless, if he offers to take care of everything, it is okay.

Find a Nice Location

A serene environment will probably set the tone for your date. The best idea is to go to a neutral place where you can get to know each other. However, if you know his/her hobbies, you can choose to go against the regular restaurant dates and surprise him or her.

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