Donate your Car and Generate Jobs

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car, you need to chalk out a plan to get rid of your old car. Do not sell the car to a mechanic or do not let it occupy the empty space in your garage. Instead, you can put your car to good use and generate jobs in the community.Donate your car  to goodwill and ensure that it is in the right hands. Not many are aware about the option of donating their car and the impact it will have on the lives of many. When you choose to donate your car, you are making a positive impact to many lives in an indirect manner.

Donate your Car

Make an impact with your donation

Mers Goodwill will accept your car and help you determine the donation value. Once you donate the car, the entire procedure will begin from right there. The car will be put up for sale on various ecommerce platforms. It will be made available to individuals who are looking for a pre-owned car. If the car remains unsold on the platform, they will sell it at retail centers and if it is not sold there as well, they will put it up for sale on the outlets. The items which cannot be sold will be recycled by the team. Once the item is sold, it will help generate jobs in the community and will uplift the community as a whole. They do not accept all the items for donation; hence you need to gain an idea about the items which are acceptable.

Donate your Car

They strive to reach out to individuals and help the community by generating employment and an opportunity to make money. They will also assist you in the entire process and will help you determine the amount of donation you have made. The team works for the benefit of the community and has reached out to hundreds of individuals. They work on a number of programs and training that helps in the skill generation and education for the community. In an attempt to generate employment for many, they accept donations of a number of items and put them to sale. Many of us who are unaware about the same tend to throw away items which are of no use, but Mers Goodwill strives to reach out to every individual in the community to help others earn money through an opportunity of employment.

Your donation can change the lives of many

There are a number of centers where you can donate your car. They also have pick up points across the city wherein they will come and pick up the items. You need to contact the team for the same and speak to them regarding your donation. Generating employment since 2007, they have been able to touch many lives and made a strong impact across the community. They work relentlessly to ensure that the products are sold out and the ones that cannot be sold are recycled.

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