Early Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that anyone doesn’t like to have. However if you know the signs of diabetes it is easy to diagnose early before it gets worst. Do you worry thinking you or your family members suffer with diabetes? Then here are some of symptoms of diabetes which you can check. If you have some of these signs of diabetes, then it is best to meet your doctor for advice and further checkups.If you are with obesity or overweight condition,that can be a reason for these diabetes symptoms.Therefore maintain your weight for a healthy life!

Signs of Diabetes

While you can experience different signs and symptoms of diabetes, below are the most common signs to say that you are with diabetic condition.

Frequent urination, increased hunger, tiredness, blurred vision, weight loss, excessive thirst, slow-healing wounds and lack of interest & concentration are some of the common symptoms of diabetes. If you feel a tingling sensation or numbness on your hands or feet, then that can be an early sign of diabetes too.As mentioned in another site about symptoms of diabetes ,all these signs are due to lack of effective insulin in your body.

Signs of diabetes

Usually these signs appear quickly and you may have type 1 diabetes. If you find any of such symptoms, it is advisable to visit the doctor for advice and diagnosis. With early diagnosis and with proper control of your blood sugar levels, it is easy to control diabetes at this stage.

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