Factors to Consider While Making a Choice of E-liquid

Smoking cigarettes have resulted in many health complications, due to which there is an upsurge in the vaping industry. Vaping has become quite popular in recent years simply because it is one of the best and safest alternatives available to smoking cigarettes. Vape liquid when heated almost delivers the same effect & pleasure as that of smoking a cigarette. E-cigarettes which are different from traditional cigarettes are directly associated with vaping. Some people use e-cigarettes as an alternative to getting rid of tobacco smoking while others simply use it for relaxation.

Making a Choice of E-liquid

Much more than the e-cigarette, it is the flavor & quality of the e-liquid which actually improves the vaping experience. It is totally understandable if you are not sure which e-liquid to go for especially if you are new to vaping. Many buyers suffer through this confusion especially the ones who switched from smoking traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. So here are some factors to consider while making a choice of E-liquid.

  1. Making A Flavorful Choice

There is a vast variety of flavors available in e-liquids.  Flavor is one of the many reasons why people choose one product over another. While tobacco-based e-liquids are not for everyone, many consumers still choose tobacco blends over fruity, methanol or dessert flavors. Much people depend on the device but it is the flavor & quality of the e-liquid which actually improves the vaping experience. The best part about vaping is the fact that you get the chance to explore hundreds of different flavors available in the market. E-liquid manufacturers are taking chances and are trying to come up with unique and unexpected combinations of flavors. There are many new & exciting flavors available in the market such as spicy or menthol flavors.  If you are someone who is tired of typical tobacco or fruity flavors, you can get your hands on premium e-liquids that have the perfect blend. There are so many Premium E-Liquids to choose from such as Noble Mint or Strawberry Infusion which can enhance your vaping experience. A premium e-liquid should always contain these four ingredients –

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Nicotine
  1. E-liquids Bases

It might seem confusing, but the knowledge of these ingredients is must & can enhance your vaping experience. The two main liquids used as an e-liquid base are Propylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable Glycerin(VG). Both these ingredients are widely available and are best suited for this purpose. The benefit of VG is that it produces a sweeter taste but is way too thick. However, the clouds it produces are massive. In contrast, PG generates a weaker vapor but tastes extremely flavorful.

  1. Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

You should also determine the nicotine strength you want. This can depend on how actively you smoke. You can choose from a wide range of strengths of nicotine depending on your wish or for that matter your capacity. It is best recommended to start with 1.8% nicotine strength if you are planning to discontinue using tobacco products.

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