Get the Help of Ayurveda to Create a Self-Care Wellness Routine

Ayurveda as a science which help people to alleviate stress and spend healthy lifestyle is a practice from Ancient India. Also known as a kitchen science or sister science of Yoga, you can follow a healthy lifestyle routine together with healing practices.

Among many benefits of Ayurveda, we cannot ignore its affects to heal both body and mind of people. Nowadays as a popular practice around the world, most people use the benefits of Ayurveda to achieve spiritual benefits for the life.

personal wellness coach

Michelle Mendez-Youell is a personal wellness coach whom you can get help and advice for a better lifestyle. With the mission of creating well balanced lifestyle for others using the teachings of Ayurveda, Michelle Mendez-Youell helps her clients to get the benefits of Ayurveda and healing methods in achieving success in emotional, spiritual and financial life.

Her website is about to launch. Till that you can connect with her through the facebook page, Michelle Mendez-Youell.

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