Get The Most Out Of Your WiFi System

Have you come across a time when the WiFi in your home has become very temperamental? This might happen at random and the connection quality could be excellent in a day and ruin it on the next. The router always gives an impression like it has a mind of its own. There is no denying the fact that a low of people suffer from shoddy signals from WiFi in their homes. Day by day, we are only becoming dependent on the WiFi and a poor signal can be extremely annoying for you and your family.It is same when you look for broadband deals as you have to check may important factors.

Get The Most Out Of Your WiFi System

Here is how you can improve the performance of WiFi in your home.

  • Position: A lot of people overlook the importance of the right physical position. Something as basic as moving the router can be the ideal solution you need. If you consistently notice a weak signal at one place, you can move it to a new place and check how it works. One of the most important things is the distance, this means the further you are from the placement of the router, the bad your connection will be. Flint Audio Video offers an ideal solution to all your WiFi troubles and will ensure that you never have a weak connection with their WiFi mesh.
  • Interference: You need to understand that even if the computer is close to the router, there could be other devices which have a negative effect on the signal of the WiFi. If you place the router next to the computer, smartphone or the television, you need to change the same immediately. There are many household devices like microwaves and landline phones that can diminish the strength of the WiFi connection.

Get The Most Out Of Your WiFi System

  • Walls: It is a well known fact that the walls inside your home can have an impact on the WiFi signal. This disturbance will also depend on what the wall is made from. You need to understand the density of the material. For example, concrete is a definite WiFi killer and wood is not problematic at all.
  • Height: Individuals living on the second floor might have trouble with the connectivity. You can simply place the router on a higher shelf and improve the connectivity. Now, if you have three or four floors, then place the router on the second floor for an exceptional coverage in the house. Flint Audio Video, Rhode Island offers Eero routers which are easy to use and can be conveniently placed anywhere in your home.

Always check whether changing the placement of the WiFi router in your house improves the signal. There are various things you need to keep in mind before you decide to replace the WiFi with a new one. WiFi is as important as any other equipment in your home and it is important to ensure that it functions in an efficient manner. Try to keep the router away from the walls and ensure that there is no interference of other equipment in the house.

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