5 Fantastic Gifts Your Wine-Loving Friend Will Adore

There are times when it is difficult to find a gift for a loved one, especially when they seem to have it all or you aren’t knowledgeable about their favorite activity. For instance, a person who doesn’t drink wine may not know what to get their friend who enjoys this beverage regularly. However, there are many items a person would love other than a bottle of wine. Consider the following suggestions when purchasing this item.

Gifts for Wine Loving Friend

Wine Tasting Events

Purchase tickets to one or more winery trails and gift them to a friend. He or she will enjoy visiting the different vineyards and trying new blends. In fact, you may be invited along to join in the fun. Not only will the friend be given a day for him or herself, but it’s also an experience that this person may find so enjoyable additional trips are planned. It’s a great way to allow the recipient to try something new at no cost to them and it’s related to an activity they love. As a result, they will truly have a great time and love that you thought to get this gift for them.

Gifts for Wine Loving Friend

Wine Glasses

Every wine lover has glasses they prefer to use when trying a new variety of vino. However, there is always room for more, especially when the glasses are unique in one or more ways. For example, consider buying an angled, personalized glass for the person who appears to have it all. This may be one item they don’t have in their collection that they will turn to again and again when consuming their favorite beverage.

Gifts for Wine Loving Friend


Select one or more books related to wine and they will treasure them for years to come. For instance, provide the wine lover with a book that supplies information on all things wine, including how to choose which wine to pair with a particular food. This is a reference they will turn to again and again when they have a question regarding their favorite beverage. Think outside the box when choosing a book. Perhaps select one that shows them how to incorporate their beverage into a variety of dishes or one that highlights the history of the vineyard where their favorite wine is made. The options are truly endless when purchasing a gift of this type.

Sampler Pack

Trying new flavors is something most wine lovers enjoy. Make it easier for them to do so by providing them with a wine sampler pack. Select a pack with at least one variety you know they love and they will appreciate having a personal favorite along with new types to try.

Wine Subscription

There’s a subscription service for everything now and wine is no exception. Consider signing a friend up for a wine bottle of the month club so they can try new varieties at no charge. Every month they will look forward to receiving the new bottle of wine and think of you while opening and tasting it. Although some wines won’t be liked by the recipient they still appreciate the gift simply because it helps them to know which ones to avoid in the future.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when the time comes to buy an item for a wine lover. Try one of these suggestions and your gift is sure to be a hit. They’ll enjoy using the item or items and think of you every time they do.

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