Adding a Personal Touch: 8 Holiday Decorations You Can Create Yourself

Decorating for the holidays is a wonderful way to spend your time. It is wise to consider carefully what kind of style you are looking for in your particular space. Keep in mind the following recommendations of how to make your space unique and memorable this holiday season:

8 Ways to Create Your Own Personal Holiday Decorations

When you are decorating for the holidays, it is important to add your own personal flair to your space.

Create a Bow Wreath

Holiday Decorations You Can Create Yourself

Paper gift bows are often thrown out after the presents are open. Save them in a jar until you have enough to create a bow wreath for one of the inside doors of your house. It will add so much to your room and you will be able to have many different ones with your desired color/pattern schemes.

Tie Elegant Bows Around Your Dining Room Chairs

When you are setting your holiday table, don’t forget about your chairs. A great way to make the dinner more formal is to put a white cover around the chairs and put hooks for accents on the back of the chair. You can use small wreaths with gold or red ornaments that will flicker with candles that you put on the table. The idea will add a great deal to your theme and is easy to make yourself.

Use Pinecones as Accents

Holiday Decorations You Can Create Yourself

Pinecones are great to use as accents in decorative bowls, centerpieces or fireplace displays. Figure out which colors you would like to use in your space, and you will be amazed how much a cluster of pinecones can do for your decorations.

Create Outdoor Candle Lighting

Make sure that you take the time to decorate your porch or driveway with candleholders that match your holiday theme. These can be used all over your property and match the theme that you are selecting.

Holiday Decorations You Can Create Yourself

Create Your Own Centerpiece

Creating your own centerpiece out of Christmas tree materials or pinecones is a wonderful way to add color to your table. Accenting this with candles is quite useful as well.

Make Your Own Custom Stockings

Choose your favorite sweater or blanket to sew into themed stockings. Particularly if they are red or green plaid, it will make your fireplace look quite festive.

Holiday Decorations You Can Create Yourself

Customize Your Advent Calendar

Creating your own advent calendar in your kitchen or living room is a fun way to create family memories while still keeping within your design theme.

Put Accents on Your Doorknobs

A great way to enhance your doorknobs is to put a holiday accent on them. There are several ways to do this; however, a great style is to take a sheer red, green or white ribbon and then tie something to it that matches your home’s theme. Some examples are pieces of a wreath, Christmas tree, sparkly snowflakes or gold bells.

Here is how you can make Christmas baskets.

Final Remarks

There are many ways that you can create your own personal design with decorations that you can make yourself. Be sure to do plenty of online research and design your own theme. From there, you can choose which decorations will be the ideal fit to create a beautiful holiday season in your home.

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