Hot Tattoos for Men: 4 Ideas that Never Fail

A tattoo is supposed to reflect some aspect of your personality or life, but it can also be about spiritual protection, religion, beliefs, commitments, alignments etc. as well. Irrespective of the reason behind your plans to get inked, there is no denying that a properly done tattoo can be pretty hot too! However don’t forget to choose a design of impressive tattoos to make it more appealing and meaningful. If you don’t mind pushing your sex appeal up by a few notches while getting your first or next tattoo, here are a few ideas that are worth exploring.

Tattoos for Men

Geometric Tattoos

Most geometric designs are ancient and spiritual in nature and they do look pretty hot on a man’s forearm! The concept of the geometric tattoo at its core level is repetition of a particular, single geometric shape in varying designs and orders, throughout the duration of the tattoo. Each symbol means different things and you should choose carefully between Mandalas, Ouroboros and various other shapes to find a design that both appeals to you and would be relevant to you.

Sak Yant

Dating back by thousands of years, the ancient and sacred Sak Yant tattoos provide protection, strength, and courage to its bearer. Inked on the bodies of the great warriors of the past and even the present, Thai tattoos can look absolutely hardcore and strangely pleasant at the same time. It’s probably best to get a tattoo in Bangkok itself if you are interested in getting a Thai tattoo, but keep in mind that some of the best tattooists in the world are from there, so you can ink pretty much whatever you want from a Bangkok tattoo parlor, as long as you choose a good one.

Tattoos for Men

Forest Tattoo

You have probably seen a number of them on Pinterest or other social media sites, and somehow, they always look strangely calming and appealing in a soothing sort of a way. Whether it’s on a man’s back or forearm, trees with a forest theme look cool and show a deeper side to him that cares about more than just the superficial human society.Anyway,do you know how to choose a tattoo design for you?

Snake Tattoo

The snake is quite literally symbolic of sex and temptation in the world of not just art and religion, but the human psyche itself. Dreaming of the snake may mean a lot of things, but sexual desires are definitely one of them. Therefore, when you sport a hot, snake tattoo on your neck or forearms, people often find it sensually triggering on a subconscious level. Although the poor animal has been turned into a villain in recent history, in ancient times, the snake was symbolic of wisdom, healing, fertility, and patience.

These four ideas will work without failing as far as raising your general appeal is concerned, however, they need to be well-planned and done right to look good. Also, a man’s tattoo is supposed to be more than just about his sex appeal, so do maintain a connection between the tattoo and the kind of man you are or the type of life you lead to really make it work for you.

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