How To Choose a Recurve Bow

With lot of available models and brands, sometimes it can be difficult for beginners to choose the best recurve Bow for them to start hunting or practicing. Therefore, this guide is to share some of the basic things that you need to know in order to choose a Recurve Bow.

How To Choose a Recurve Bow

Think of the purpose

If you are a beginner and if this is the first time that you are going to buy a Recurve Bow, then decide the purpose that you want a recurve bow. Do you use it for hunting? Or do you want your Recurve Bow to practice targeting? When you know the right answer to this, it is easy to choose a recurve bow suitable for the purpose. Check these Recurve Bows for an inspiration so you know the available models and brands in the market.

How To Choose a Recurve Bow

Decide the length of the Recurve Bow

When the bow is longer, it is also more accurate. However you need to know how your recurve bow length should be. Then it is easy to shortlist few bows in order to choose the best one.

How Heavy Should it Be?

How To Choose a Recurve Bow

When you use your bow to shoot or to practice, you will need to hold it for a longer period. Therefore the weight of the recurve bow is also an important thing to consider before you buy. Choose a recurve bow which is 3 pounds or less if you are a beginner.

These tips will be helpful for you to choose the best recurve bow in order to spend your time with your favourite hobby!

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