How to Get Bitcoin for Backpage

A new tech start up is making some waves on the internet lately. Users looking to get Bitcoin for Backpage Credits are finding just that on Around 6 months ago the classified giant decided they were going to move all of their payment processing over to the Bitcoin network. This is a huge change, one signaling the worlds trust in Bitcoin growing. process around $100 million USD a year through Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Backpage is also the largest online marketplace for sex workers and other adult entertainment specialists. Ultimately forced millions of their users to learn what Bitcoin is, how it works and how to use it. Not to mention sent them on wild goose chases to obtain the illusive digital currency.

How to Get Bitcoin for Backpage

In walks  In the past all people needed to post in the adult section of Backpage was a prepaid gift card or their personal bank atm/debit card. For a brief moment this was no longer an option. Now users needed to add getting Bitcoin for Backpage to the list of To-Dos before posting could start. However, With the help of BuyBpCredits, users can use their same pre-paid gift cards and continue to support their families. For them, Bitcoin is not required.

Since the Classified giant made its move thousands of people were left in the cold. People had no idea how to get their ads live. Ads are their bread and butter in terms of financial independence. Not understanding how to use Bitcoin, without a lot of people didn’t know where their next pay check was coming from. However, those fears are no more. With a Credit, Debit, or prepaid gift card and 15 minutes Backpage users are getting Credits delivered directly into their accounts.

BuyBpCredits has a short lived history. In that short history they have come pretty far. Already they claim around 4,000 registered users and have only been open for around 5 months. The future looks good for the young company. They plan to roll out new features making the process even faster and seamless.

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