How to Look Like a Blushing Bride While Still on a Budget

The price of weddings are skyrocketing. As much as plenty of couples try to cut costs and plan affordable wedding ceremonies, the average price of one wedding day in 2017 was $33,391. Not many lovebirds can afford to shell out this amount, though, so they need have to be smart when they make their plans to avoid unnecessary costs for their big day.

How to Look Like a Blushing Bride

Between the bride and groom, it’s the bride’s getup that is usually more expensive. The average price of a wedding dress is at $1,000, while the price of a mid-range tuxedo starts at around $800. This price does not include the bride’s shoes, hair, makeup, and other accessories. If you’re a bride-to-be who wants to look her best without breaking your budget, consider following these steps.

Wear an Old Wedding Dress

Admit it: we’ve all fawned over the dresses in Say Yes to the Dress and took notes on what we want for our own wedding gowns. But if the prices in the show are already too steep for you, expect that it’ll be hard to find an affordable dress while shopping in bridal stores. But if you aren’t very picky about your gown and are willing to wear whatever limited options you have, consider wearing a second-hand wedding dress.

Whether it’s wearing your mother’s wedding dress, going to consignment shops, or checking websites like eBay for second-hand dresses, you can spend way less buying a second-hand dress than buying from a designer or having your own gown made. Designer wedding gowns priced over a thousand dollars cost less than half its original price once resold.

Sure, it’s someone else’s dream gown and might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re on a budget, consider the advantages. If you’re wearing your mother’s gown, your mother may appreciate the gesture. And if you’re buying from women who were once brides, they often also include veils and other matching accessories, which can save you from additional expenses. You might need to do some alterations to make the gown fit you perfectly and take your wedding dress to a special cleaning service to restore its color, get rid of stains, and make it look good as new. But these costs are significantly less than having to buy a whole new dress.

Treat Your Hair Months in Advance

Change Your Hair Care Routine

As soon as you start making wedding preparations, take care of your hair so that it’s beautiful and healthy by the time wedding bells ring. It is more affordable to style hair that’s not dry or damaged than for your hairstylist to make your damaged hair look good underneath your veil.

Because the price of wedding hairstyling costs more for intricate hairstyles, if you can’t do the up-do yourself or ask a family member to do it, it’s best to settle for simpler hairstyle. Don’t worry about looking plain, though. If there’s one thing the British Royal Family’s weddings in the last few years have proven, it’s that brides with simple hairstyles can still be stunning.

These looks are simple but elegant, but if you’re planning to get something like this done, do a test run with your hairstylist so that you can make adjustments and avoid miscommunication about what you want on the day of your wedding.

Shoes: Comfort Over Style

Mid-range brides’ shoes can cost up to $250. That’s a lot of money to pay for a pair of heels no one will really get to see if you’re planning on wearing a floor-length gown. Unless you’re planning to lift your gown at one point of your wedding day show off your shoes, there’s no need to splurge on heels. My advice? Go for more affordable but comfortable heels. You might already even have a pair of heels in your house that you can wear.

Since no one will really see your feet, opt for price and comfort rather than style. If you’re worried about mismatching footwear peeking out of your gown when you dance, opt for affordable ballet flats you can buy in any department shoe store or online store. They’re a sensible purchase because the right color of flats can match your dress but still be appropriate for everyday wear after your wedding.

Accessorize with Style

Worried that your cost-cutting will make you look too plain as a bride? Accessorize with low-cost pieces that can add some of your personality and style to your dress. Aside from the traditional tiara and veil, consider wearing costume jewelry, and even props like a parasol for the post-wedding photos.

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Remember the wedding saying: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. If you’re going to follow this tradition, note that out of all the four things you need to wear, only one of these has to be bought.

Just because you’re cutting down costs for your wedding does not mean your bridal look has to be cheap. These steps can help you look your best without breaking your bank before you and your partner spend the rest of your lives together.

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