How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

Statement jewelry can help you express your confidence, passion, and creativity to the world. It won’t help you play small or stay humble. In fact, quite the opposite! These pieces will boldly announce your presence and flare for style.

Sapphire rings make a great choice for statement engagement rings because you can find large, eye-popping blue green sapphire rings for less than the price of a large diamond. This makes it affordable and realistic to have a ring that really stands out and dazzles the crowds. Here’s how to wear your statement sapphire

Give It Room To Shine

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

Bold pieces are made to stand out. Don’t over crowd your ring by wearing other jewelry on the same hand. The bracelets that you choose to wear also need to give the ring the space that it needs. Adorning your wrist with gem-filled bracelet will only take away from the rock on your finger.

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Simple Sophistication

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

Keep your clothing simple. Avoid complex cuts, busy prints, sequence, and other embellishments. Choose stream-lined designs for a sophisticated look.

Talk With Your Hands

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire RingYour statement ring won’t have the chance to stand out if you keep your hands hidden in pockets or behind your back. Wrap your hand around your wine glass or coffee mug while you talk, or make gestures to bring your hands up to eye level. Once you have a beautiful, bold ring on your finger, you’ve got to flaunt it!

Balance The Colors

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

If you choose to wear a gorgeous teal or violet blue sapphire on your finger, you need to balance the colors of your outfit so that the ring can pop. Choose clothing pieces that complement the ring. Start with basic neutrals like black and white, and add in accessories that complement the blue tones of your gemstone.

Follow these rules and you are sure to look stylish! Do you dream of wearing a statement engagement ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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