How to pick the right foundation

Foundation is the starting point of any makeup look. It provides the beautiful base you need to build a gorgeous look.

But picking the right foundation isn’t always easy. With so many formulas, brands, shades, and finishes, it can feel a little like shopping in the dark.

In just three steps, you can find out the right foundation for your complexion.

How to pick the right foundation

Choose your formula

The first step in selecting the perfect foundation for your skin is understanding the different formulas available. In general, foundation comes in liquid, stick, or powder forms.

Powder foundation is particularly effective for those with oily skin. The pigments in both mineral foundation and pressed powder can help soak up excess oil to achieve a matte finish. Powder can also be a good choice for anyone who wants simple, sheer foundation application on busy days because it tends to require less blending.

Liquid foundation is an excellent option for all skin types, but particularly for drier skin types. Liquids can more easily be made with infused hydrators that build up moisture in the skin. A liquid formula tends to produce a more made-up look, which is ideal for those who like to look polished and flawless.

Stick foundation tends to have a creamier texture that produces a skin-like finish. It’s also easy to apply, making a foundation stick ideal for any makeup beginners.

How to pick the right foundation

Choose your coverage

Coverage is another fundamental element of foundation. Whether you use a liquid foundation, mousse foundation, or foundation palette, you want to have the right amount of coverage on your skin.

Coverage refers to the opacity you’ll experience after applying the foundation. A sheer foundation will have fewer pigments, which allows your natural skin tone to show through the product. On the other end of the spectrum is full coverage foundation, which has high opacity that will cover uneven skin tone and imperfections.

Choose your coverage based on your skin. If you’re generally happy with your skin tone and texture, boost your radiance with a light foundation. If you have scarring, redness, or discolouration, you may want a fuller coverage to create a more flawless look.

Choose your shade

Choosing the right shade is perhaps the most important aspect of choosing foundation. Even if you have the right formula and coverage, the wrong colour can be detrimental to your final look.

If your foundation is too light for your natural complexion, it can cause you to look washed out, while a foundation that’s too deep can create a stark contrast between your face and your neck and chest.

Finding the right shade of foundation is about achieving your most flawless face, which is why the right shade will blend in seamlessly with your skin. Try dabbing a thin layer of foundation onto a neutral area of your face, like just above your jawline, to see if it matches to perfection.

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