How To Track Your Shipment

Online shopping is so much popular nowadays. However all these shopping requires shipment after you place the order. There are chances to lose your purchased goods during the shipment. This is why it is important to choose the right shipment method with tracking code provided. When you receive the tracking code for your parcel shipment it is easy to check the status of your delivery until you receive it to your door step.

How To Track Your Shipment

It can be Fedex tracking or ups tracking. How do you track your fedex or ups shipment? In this post we will cover some of the tips that you need to know in order to track a delivery.

Use correct email

This is the most important tip to know when you shop online. It can be Gmail or any other email, use your correct email when you shop. Otherwise after placing order your tracking link will be sent to a different email address and you will lose the details. You will not enjoy the benefit of tracking your shipment.

Track your package using the carrier website

This sounds easier. Simply visit your fedex, UPS or any other carrier service provider’s website. Simply log into the tracking page and check the status by using your tracking number provided by the seller. This sounds easy and you will find the details fast. However in case if you use few shipments services then you have to visit each site for each shipment which is a possible disadvantage.

 Use tracking websites to track your shipment

Instead of visiting courier website you can also register with a service that provides tracking details. These websites provide the tracking status for most of the leading shipment companies such as UPS, fedex etc. Therefore you will enjoy the benefit of tracking your all shipments using one site.

Above the ways that you can track your shipment when you shop online. You can use the same tips if you own any online shop. In such, be sure to provide the best tracking service for your customers.

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