Do You need Insurance to Fly a Drone in the UK

Drones are becoming more popular among many industries. However, most countries are with rules, regulations and restrictions to fly drones. If you operate your drone in the UK, there are some legal requirements before you become a legal drone operator. To be a commercial drone operator in the UK, you will need to hold public liability insurance. If you fulfil this legal requirement, you may get the required legal permission to fly a drone in the UK.

Insurance requirements for hobby pilots in the UK

If you think you are not going to be a commercial drone operator but a hobby pilot, you still want to have insurance. For this purpose, you need to hold a 3rd party public liability insurance which is specific to recreational drone flying. This UAS insurance is one of the available insurance for drone pilots.

Benefits of drone insurance

First of all, it is a legal requirement in the UK to become a commercial drone operator. When you obtain your drone insurance, it will cover you from public liability. The premium will be a reasonable amount compared to the benefits. Other than having peace in mind, you will also enjoy the membership benefits when you join certain insurance companies. Most insurance companies provide automatic renewal facility which can be cancelled at any time.

Key benefits of commercial drones

You need to obtain insurance if you want to be a commercial drone operator in the UK. Therefore it is also important to know the benefits of becoming a drone operator in the UK. Drones offer a wide range of benefits including cost efficiency and speed in certain activities. It is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to deliver things. Drones are much safer and the use of drones is one of the innovative ways to grow your business to the next level.
Considering all these benefits of commercial drones, if you decide to become a drone operator in the UK, be sure to check the insurance requirements. It is necessary to obtain insurance to become a commercial drone operator in the UK.