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Learning a new language is always an interesting thing. If you plan a trip to Cambodia or if you work in Cambodia, it is helpful to learn their language. The Cambodian language is Khmer and it belongs to Mon-Khmer language family. If you want to know bit of this Khmer language, which is also known as the Cambodian language, basically it is influenced by Pali and Sankrit. It also has similar words and influence from Thai and French languages. Interestingly, nowadays you can easily learn Khmer online through skype lessons or even as in person lessons.

The beautiful country Cambodia which claims to have natural scenic beauty is a tourist attraction in Asia and this is a reason for you to learn their language. If you know Cambodian language Khmer, it is easy to communicate with Cambodian people, be it in a market when you buy fresh stuff for you or even if you are in a hotel, Khmer will help you to convey your ideas to local people there.

Cambodia-Beautiful country
Cambodia-Beautiful country

If you are looking for a place to learn Khmer, I’d like to recommend A Khmer teacher called Vanna  Chhun teaches Khmer through Skype or in person, you are able to decide the way you like to learn Khmer. With many years of experience she teaches Khmer using a well-planned syllabus and you will be able to learn this new language easily with interesting lessons conducted by teacher Vanna. The best part is that she conducts her lessons with the focus to everyday real life language, so what you learn will be helpful for you to communicate with others in your day to day life in Cambodia. Always real life language is helpful when it comes to communicate with locals.

Above are some reasons for you to learn Khmer language with teacher Vanna. If you visit you can find more details about the course. Also there are testimonials from others who learn Khmer with teacher Vanna, read those and get some idea of this course. That will help you to decide on the class.

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