Is Poetry Still Relevant Today?

Is poetry still relevant? If you are someone who spends more time with your gadgets and in social media networking then you may think that poetry is an old art that is dying with the latest technology enhancements. However it is not. Poetry is not a dying art. Poetry is still relevant!

Is Poetry Still Relevant

Is poetry a disappearing art?

In the past, poetry is a popular topic among the poem lovers, writers and even students. However, with the time it can be seen that poetry is not much popular among many people. Instead of writing a poem some people love to hang with someone in social media. There are people who don’t love to write or read. These are no longer interests or hobbies for many people.

But, still there are many schools around the world which teach students about poetry. There are many societies who encourage poetry. There are individuals who work for bringing this art back to the society with organized events. Thanks to all these efforts poetry is still live!

What is poetry?

Well, anyone knows what poetry is. However poetry is just not a collection of words that are written in an orderly manner. There is more behind a poem.

If so, what is poetry?

In simple words poetry can be explained as below.

Poetry is an art which uses language in aesthetical manner. Within a poem language is used to express emotions or to convey a message in a better way. Instead of telling something directly a poem can use the language in a poem to convey his message softly while arousing the emotions of the reader.

Poetry Podcast: Is this a way to use poetry with latest technology?

Poetry Podcast

In this digital era it is common to see that most people like to listen than reading. The way of expressing ideas has changed compared to few years back. A Poetry Podcast is such a wonderful idea which attracts people to poems by using the technology. A podcast can be an advanced step to make interest among people who thinks poetry is a disappearing art.

If you listen to the Poetry Podcast by R.R.Noall who is a Denver typewriter poet then you will understand how people can change the world using poems. Through her poetry podcast people feel collaborative as the guests can experience their ideas in a poem. This will be a new experience and a new way of enjoying poetry and language.

‘Poems for People’ as Noall named it is a soothing and calming experience while listening to the podcast with the guest. At the end of the interview the podcast host and typewriter poet R.R. R.R. Noall writes a poem in real time. Isn’t this an amazing experience? What make ‘Poems for People’ a great experience?

Even if you don’t have any interest in poetry, listening to the poetry podcast by spending few minutes will be a soothing experience for your mind and body. It will relax you and calm down you. This podcast is a collaborative piece done by both the guest and the host. At the end of the podcast you will find how emotional you are.

Visit to read more about recent poetry podcasts.

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