Jewellery by David&Martin

Jewellery by David&Martin is well-known for its independent style that combines high fashion elements with minimalist casualness. The brand never follows the trends but aims to inspire women to think different and be different, be themselves. The best style is your own – that’s the company’s motto. Jewellery by David&Martin showcases very cool, Scandinavian design and is worn by Robyn, Loreen and other international celebrities, and was featured on Lagerfeld Gallery fashion show. David&Martin is unpredictable, I would compare it to Yves Saint Laurent, Lagerfeld or Georgio Armani with its love to black, red, leather and gold.

Jewellery by David&Martin

David&Martin as a brand got its first commercial breakthrough after designing Chicken Feet collection. The story tells that the collection came to life after designers travelled to Asia and caught sight of a beautiful girl in Shanghai subway who was munching deep fried chicken foot while simultaneously flicking through French Vogue. The Chicken Feet collection became an international fashion bestseller.

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