Kate and Bean is for you to Sell your Handmade Items Online

Are you looking for a market place which you can easily sell your handmade items? Nowadays online selling is an easy way to earn an income. But, may be you are lack of support such as creating a store, taking professional photographs for your items, marketing and getting traffic for your shop. However, now there is a place which you can sell your handmade online with more support.

It is Kate and Bean!

Kate and Bean is a newly opened market place for small business owners creating a platform which they can sell their handmade items, crafts and vintage online. Basically it works as an Etsy alternative. However, when you join with Kate and Bean, you will get more support to sell your products.

Features of Kate and Bean

As a platform which helps small business owners to open their shops and sell online, Kate and Bean offers much help to promote your products.

You will receive professional photography for your listing and you will also receive a personalized shop web address which is easy to share and promote. They will provide you store facility in their headquarters and packaging and shopping services are included. This sounds really interesting, isn’t it?

Free featured monthly listings and social media shout-outs are other notable features.

How to join with Kate and Bean?

Simply visit www.kateandbean.com.They will start accepting applications in early March. Till that you can contact them for any inquiries regarding shop opening.

By joining with their mail list, you can easily get the news when they start accepting applications!Join with Kate and Bean and Sell your Handmade Items Online!

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