Check Kiara Official for Hand-Sewn Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya

Who doesn’t like to wear hand sewn Baju Kurung? While there are ready made costumes available in the market these hand sewn Baju Kurung are still in high demand among the ladies. Singapore based Kiara Official is another online shop that I want to introduce today for all of you who love to wear beautiful Baju Kurung and kebaya.

Kiara Official
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Inspired by the traditional heritage Kiara Official’s products are crafted with love making each piece unique and elegant. Be it for festive wear or for everyday wear, you can easily choose elegant Baju Kurung or Kebaya Modern when you shop with Kiara Official!

Hand-Sewn Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya from Kiara Official

Here is my experience when I visited Kiara Official online boutique to check their hand sewn Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya collection.

I really like to wear dresses with artisan beadwork. This is why I attracted to their collection of hand-sewn Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya when I just visited the online boutique.

Below is one of the elegant pieces from Puspa collection.

Kiara Official
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This Kebaya Modern is made of satin material and it comes with embroidered tulle which makes it attractive on any lady. It is draped in middle and looks like comfortable to wear on any occasion.

I found this baju kurung modern in Kiara Official’s Meraki Collection. I truly attracted to this Baju Kurung Modern due to its elegant design and beautiful eye pleasing colour. It is a costume with tulle top and satin inner. If you want to make it look more traditional then combine it with sarong kabaya or a piece of Indonesia batik.

Kiara Official
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I am sure you love all these Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya Modern.In case if you were looking for Baju Kurung Raya 2020 then you should visit Kiara Official online boutique to check their collection including new arrivals.

Reasons for shopping with Kiara Official online boutique

Okay, in my first visit I attracted to entire collection of Baju Kurung Modern and Kebaya Modern by Kiara Official. That is my first reason to shop with them. However if you wonder why you need to shop online when you can buy Baju Kurung Raya 2020 or Baju Kurung Modern or Kebaya Modern from another place, let me share some of the reasons to choose this online boutique.

Elegant designs

Without any other reasons I simply love to shop with them due to unique and elegant designs. The selection of colour and choosing of embroidery designs are simply amazing.

Quality materials

When you buy Kebaya Modern or Baju Kurung Modern it is also necessary to buy a piece that comes with quality. In Kiara official they use high quality materials to satisfy their clients. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the look and durability of your costume once purchased.

 Free shipping within Singapore

As I am based in Singapore I am happy to see that they don’t charge for shipping within Singapore. If you are from Singapore then you can easily save from your shipping free. Those who reside outside Singapore but still like to shop these Kebaya Modern or Baju Kurung Modern then don’t worry. Worldwide shipping is affordable and it is SGD10 only. Sounds great right?

Then why wait? Simply head over to to find the latest designs. You will wonder that their rates are affordable too. Happy Shopping!

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