Some Life Skills Children Learn From Their Parents

No matter whose posters do they have in their bedrooms, or whose wallpaper is it on their tablet/ mobile screens, who do they follow on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, what books do they read, what movies do they like to watch; the biggest role model children have in their lives is their parents. You may not realize it, they may not realize it; but it is true. They grow up watching you. Whatever you do and however you are, your personality reflects in your children. Parents are the people who are present in their childhood; their actions developing a child’s personality.

Skills Children Learn From Their Parents

It does not make much impact if you keep trying to teach them disciple, how to talk, how to behave, how to be strong, or what schools or classes did you have them joined. I agree these things do matter. But as we know, it is human nature to learn from what we see rather than from what we listen. So if you really want your children to have the qualities of a good citizen, a person with a clear direction professionally and personally and become a loving, caring and an independent individual: it is YOU who needs to become all these things first. If you really are what you are trying to preach, your children definitely will have those values in their heart, however, it may look like. They may not understand these values until they are independent, and away from you.

Following are a few of the values and lifestyles that children observe and learn from their parents:

How to value relationships: The most influential part of a person’s life is his childhood which develops one’s adult personality. Whatever a person has seen or gone through the childhood days affects him for the rest of his life. Your child sees you when you love and when you fight. Fighting is natural in relationships, but how you handle those fights shows how much you value your relationships. Your relationship with your spouse is like a framework of your child’s future relationship. If a husband treats his wife with respect and love, that is how his son will treat his girlfriend or wife, and that is what his daughter will expect from her relationship and not settle for anything less. Fighting ruins a person’s childhood. Researchers have shown that many kids with divorced or fighting parents end up in depression at a point of their life and do not trust their partners very easily.

Skills Children Learn From Their Parents

How to handle lowes: Life is a perfect blend of highs and lows. Without some big lows, one would never get to appreciate good times. So whenever you face any obstacle or any kind of crisis, never give up; because you would be teaching your child to give up at the difficult times. Never play a victim card in front of your kids, as it will only teach them the blame game of life. You should share your problems with your children (as much as you can) and discuss with them the possible solutions. This little act will make your child a solution finder rather than a problem seeker.

How to be independent: If the parents are lazy and irresponsible, imagine what the kids would be. You should always teach your kids to be independent by not being dependent yourself. If they see their father working hard to earn, and also helping out with cleaning dishes at night and making waffles on Sunday morning; or they see their mother multitasking by completing her house chores and then returning to the laptop to finish her presentation for the next day; sets up a brave example for your kids to be independent in every area of their life.

Skills Children Learn From Their Parents

How to handle finance: Handling finances is a very difficult, yet an essential thing to teach your children. It is difficult to teach them the value of money at the age when children want all their favorite toys, or in the teen days when they need to have all the gadgets and all the new clothes. But they should learn that these things come after hard work. Share your work problems with them so that they understand work and its hardships. You can go through to know how to give your children financial lessons.

How to express: Try your best to communicate as much as you can in your relationship with your spouse and your children. Learn yourself and teach them the art of expression of love, of admiration, of anger and of encouragement. These help to prevent any kind of grudges in your child’s heart who would express his heart out and live happily, easy life throughout.

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