Lifelong Learners Are More Successful In Life

As paradoxical as it may sound, change is the only constant in the world. Most of the top paying jobs in the world didn’t exist two decades ago. To excel and thrive in the modern world, you must anticipate and get with these changes.

Lifelong Learners

Such development can in part explain the popularity of private high schools in Manila. Well-meaning parents enroll their children to such institutions because they have a proven history of forging world-class learners.   

A robust learning foundation

You’ve probably heard it before anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. It might seem discouraging but this adage is reflective of how the human brain is wired. Apart from a few automatic bodily processes such as breathing, you have to train your body and brain to acquire most other skills.

In most cases, learning these skillsets comes with a learning curve, sometimes lasting as many as ten years. Reading and learning to learn are some of the most crucial yet underrated skills in the world. With proper training and mentoring, most students get to master these essential skills during their initial stages.With a proper online learning platform students master their skills without much guidance and efforts.

Poor reading skills dog the lives of most students before condemning them to a miserable life as adults. It makes learning an unpleasant chore that hardly motivates them to do their best. That leads them to have mediocre scores on their report cards all their lives.

A proper approach to learning

Lifelong Learners

In his exemplary book, How to be a straight-A student, Cal Newport explores the study habits of top performing students. He realized that these top performers had refined their learning abilities to a high level. Often to the extent of making the process look effortless.

In most cases, these students could accomplish more in a few hours of learning that the average student could hope to do in a few days. Their methods were far removed from the regular rote learning popular with the average student. They also never left all their class work and assignments until the last minute, and this let them strike the delicate balance between their social and academic life.

The best schools go out of their way to impart such critical skills to their student and ensure that they grasp them firmly. Armed with such skill, these students get to enjoy the learning process. In the process, they become lifelong learners, which offers a key advantage in the job market.

A solid foundation

There’s an increasing wealth of information indicating that geniuses are made not born, contrary to popular opinion. Wolfgang Mozart, one of the world’s most prolific musicians, is living proof of this concept. While the world saw a child prodigy who could stun their ears with beautiful music, the reality was different.

It turned out that the young musician picked his training from the tender age of four years. Under the strict tutelage of his father, the musician put in long hours of training. The early exposure to robust training and teaching, of course, not forgetting his learning enthusiasm are solely responsible for Mozart’s success in the musical world. Anyone following such a path can also achieve such greatness throughout their lives.

Most students find the learning process tedious, unenjoyable, and unrewarding. But that only because they are doing it wrong. With the right training and exposure, they can improve their position and become world-class students.

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