My Matcha Tea, Where’s yours?

Matcha Tea is very popular among tea lovers and those who consider the healthy living style due to the most benefits of this Tea gives to our health. One of the major benefits is that Matcha tea is full of antioxidants. Other than that it has below healthy benefits for anyone who sips this powerful antioxidants rich tea.

Healthy Benefits of Matcha Tea     

It boosts metabolism and able to burn calories. It is a good way to sooth, calm and relax both body and mind. It is rich with Vitamin C, selenium and Zink. This tea helps detoxifying the body while helping prevent from many diseases. It also has the ability of lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

With all these benefits, now you can buy organic Matcha Tea from Australia’s premier tea shop My Matcha Tea, Where’s yours?

My Matcha Tea, Where’s yours?

My Matcha Tea

My Matcha Tea is a popular Australia’s premier tea brand which is 100% organic and natural.This Tea is  produced using 100% organic certified and vegan friendly tea leaves. Produced from fresh tea leaves Grown in Nishio region of Japan, My Matcha Tea comes with no added flavor or colour which ensures to give the tea lovers all the natural flavors and benefits of Matcha Tea.

One of the main features of My Matcha Tea is that it doesn’t just use the tea leaves. Instead,My Matcha Tea comes with the entire stem which makes it a super food which contains all healthy benefits.

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Currently, they are offering all customers free shipping on matcha tea pre-orders placed before May 15.There are also free delivery options when you buy certain amount of tea. Take this advantage and buy the best organic Matcha tea from My Matcha Tea!

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