What You Need To Know When Selling Your Fur Coat

When you use a fur coat for several years, you might think of selling it off and getting yourself a new, trendy fur. You may feel that the coat has no use for you and that it would be a waste of space to keep storing it in the wardrobe. And in this post, we highlight a few points you should consider when thinking of selling your fur coat.

What You Need To Know When Selling Your Fur Coat

  1. Consider Alteration

If you have decided to sell the coat only because you do not wear it and wish to get rid of it, then consider altering the fur rather than selling it off. Visit a fur alteration service and see how the coat can be repurposed into something else. For example, a big enough fur coat can easily be repurposed into a blanket that you can use during the night. An expert alteration service will also be able to make a cool fur purse from the coat, which can later prove to be a great accessory when you go out for parties.

  1. Know The Correct Value

In case you have decided to sell off the coat no matter what, then the first thing you need to do is to get a professional fur coat appraisal. Usually, any reputed furrier in your region should be able to do an appraisal and provide the correct value of the coat. It takes just under an hour for the furrier to finish the appraisal process and most of them won’t even charge a fee for it. Make sure that you get an appraisal certificate from the furrier that mentions their name, the date of the appraisal, the value of the coat, and the address of the furrier’s shop. This certificate will make it easy for you to sell off the fur coat for a good price.

What You Need To Know When Selling Your Fur Coat

  1. Decide How You Will Sell It

Next, you will have to decide how you are going to sell the fur coat. You have two choices in this regard. You can either sell it to a furrier or you can sell it online through craigslist and similar websites. If you choose the first option, you will only get a lower price but can avoid the headache of the selling process. If you choose to sell it directly, you will have to find a buyer and ship the coat to them. But on the plus side, you will get a higher price. As such, how to sell the coat will entirely depend on your preference.

  1. Display Good Photos

When you decide to sell the coat online, make sure that you take good pictures of the coat. Take a professional camera, set the coat in an environment with good lighting that highlights their quality, and take some high-resolution photos. Only use these images in your advertisement. Posting low-resolution, blurry, and dark images will make the photo look cheap. As a consequence, people who check out the ad will perceive the fur coat also as being cheap and may decide to never call you for more details.


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