High Quality Peshtemal Towels from Buldano

Turkish towels are popular for its usage from thousands years. With 100% cotton and with high absorbency Turkish towels still win the hearts of people around the world. If you are looking for buying new towels for your home, then we’d like to suggest you to try Peshtemal Towels this year. You’ll sure love your towel and the comfort on it.

What are Peshtemal Towels?

Have you heard of Peshtemal towels? Did you ever think why these towels are so unique? Actually Peshtemal (or pestemal) towels are unique and multipurpose with its origin from Anatolia. With the super absorbent qualities of Peshtemal towels and due to its versatile usage, nowadays these towels are more popular among many people. Especially these towels are ideal for travelling. Why? It is multipurpose, light weight and absorb quickly! Be it in a beach, spa or any other sport, you can use a Peshtemal Towel to wrap your body or dry your body.

High Quality Peshtemal Towels from Buldano

Where to Buy High Quality Peshtemal Towels?

Peshtemal Towels are 100% cotton and hand woven in Turkey. Buldano is the best place to buy high quality Peshtemal Towels which are hand-woven in Turkey. Buldano Peshtemal Towels come in beautiful designs and colours.You can easily select your preferred patterns and designs when you shop for Peshtemal Towels with Buldano.

Sultan Peshtemal

Peshtemal Wholesale

Other than purchasing Peshtemal for your own use, you can also consider having your own business of Peshtemal towels. Manufactured in a small village called ‘Buldan’ in Turkey, Buldano Peshtemal Towels will guarantee the satisfaction of your customers. You can simply contact the team at Buldano for Peshtemal Wholesale purchasing as these days they are looking for new stores and sales reps around the world.

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Have a look into Buldano.com,you will see a range of products with different designs and styles.

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