Reasons Why You Need to Install Living Walls

A growing number of studies have proven the positive benefits of indoor plants and how they impact on our health, productivity, and mood. They improve the emotional state, task performance, psychophysiological stress responses, as well as room assessments. No wonder living walls are all the rage these days. Also renowned as a green wall or a vertical garden, a living wall is a way of planting and growing plants on the walls instead of ordinary horizontal surfaces like a windowsill, counter, table, or a floor.

Reasons Why You Need to Install Living Walls

Nowadays, there are a lot of various methods of growing a living wall, and in general, there are several important reasons to install it in your compound.

1. Get rid of harmful toxins

Since the office space has been scientifically proven to be toxic, installing living walls can significantly reduce the number of harmful toxins wandering about the space. Green walls aid in diminishing the amount of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the office space. These compounds are emitted by carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and paint, and are toxic to people. The living walls that feature peace lilies and spider plants, for instance, are good for absorbing VOCs as they act as invisible filters that maintain temperatures and humidity, purify the air, and combat dust.

2. Ensure fresh air

Fresh air is one of the most popular reasons people opt for living walls. The majority of offices lacks windows and thus can be super dry. Living walls add enough oxygen to space, filtering out around 90% of all the air pollutants that come from the walls, air conditioners, and appliances. Vertical gardens ensure fresh air and reduce the frequency of employees’ illnesses.

Reasons Why You Need to Install Living Walls

3. It’s beautiful

Adding a vertical garden to your compound will make the space more relaxing, welcoming, and beautiful. It’ll also create a focal point in the space and add a stylish design element – especially if you also add plantation shutters to it. Plantation shutters pair well with green walls and have some wonderful benefits; check it out. Not only will plantation shutters make your space look more stylish, but will also preserve warm temperature during the colder months.

4. Block sounds

If you’re tired of the noise, you definitely need a vertical garden. Green walls act as an effective sound barrier. It’s particularly helpful in a loud or large offices or houses. Living walls naturally diminish a low-frequency noise while blocking the high-frequency sounds. Vertical gardens tend to make an office quieter, ensuring a less distracting and stressful work environment.

5. Maintain a well-balanced humidity

Vertical gardens naturally control the level of humidity outdoors and indoors throughout each season. Exterior and interior installations tent to release water vapor into the atmosphere to keep a normal rate of moisture in the air. Vertical gardens help to reinvigorate the air with moisture during the cold season and cool it during the warm months for a more stable and healthy transition.

6. Save money

Vertical gardens help to save cash, as well. They help to cut the heat loss from the offices, resulting in a 25% reduction in heating demand and a 75% reduction in the wind chill. This means you can cut the energy bill costs, which is particularly great during the winter months. During the summer months, a vertical garden keeps the space cool due to a process called evapotranspiration. Living walls might help to keep the wall temperatures by about 50F, significantly cutting the cost of air conditioning and energy. It depends on the office space and the size of a green wall, though.

7. Enhance your employee morale

Installing a living wall to your compound will enhance the emotional health of your employees and aid in spreading positivity in the office. Statistics show that employees who take an active part in creating or developing a vertical garden fight stress and anger much easier than those who work in a closed space. A living wall will also boost the energy levels of employees, ensuring a more productive and positive work environment. Vertical gardens are also helpful for kids and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), improving concentration.

8. Increase the property value

If you’re looking to increase the value of your office or house, consider installing a living wall. Apart from reduced energy and air conditioning costs, living walls ensure a toxic-free environment, which means better health. The benefits of vertical gardens in the property make it more appealing and more expensive. If you have trouble selling a property, adding a green wall to it can help you speed up the selling process.

9. Restore the habitats of plants and species

Living walls are considered to be extensions of the natural environment as they play a crucial role in habitat restoration of many plants and species, such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. Be it an exterior or interior living wall, it encourages biodiversity as a host of different plants are naturally utilized. The more living walls the city has, the more stable environment, so why not contribute to it? Why not provide a new home for insects and birds?

10. Alter the aesthetic appeal of the building

Vertical gardens can bring life to any dull modern architecture – literally. Entirely or partially covered with plants, any modern building’s facade can absolutely alter the overall feel and look of the building – both functionally and aesthetically. Even if you don’t want to increase your property value, making it eco-friendly will draw more attention to your company and help you find more exceptional employees.

There are many more reasons why you need to install a living wall in your compound, but these ten are the most important ones. Depending on the size, a vertical garden can be costly, but it’s worth your money. Even though it’s a great idea to install a green wall inside, it might be better to have it outdoors as well. It’s all up to you and your plans regarding your property.

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