Rocking Life with the Right Beard and Beard Oil

Not everybody can rock a beard, but for those willing to grow theirs out, you can definitely rock it the right way. Choosing the right beard style is dependent on a number of facts ; one of them being that you are supposed to choose a beard style that suits your face, secondly, determine how long you’d like to grow out your beard ; after all we wouldn’t have you looking like a hobo , now would we ?

Here are some tips on rocking the right beard; if you have a round face be sure to grow a longer beard at the chin keeping the sides of your beard short, not bushy. For a square face, keep hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides. If you are one of those with an oblong or rectangular face, it’s advisable to keep the sides of your beard fuller and shorter on the chin.

Rocking Life with the Right Beard and Beard Oil

Now that you’re rocking the right beard , you ought to maintain your beard style using the right beard oil, not just any beard oil but the Sparkleberry Industries Beard Oil and Leave in Conditioner that softens your beard making it smooth and shiny as it soothes the underlying skin. And a light fragrance to keep you feeling fresh and the confidence to rock life with the right beard oil.

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