Security Doors : Make Your Property Burglar Proof

As its name suggests, the main purpose of having security doors is to protect the house and people living in it. Whether it is for covering commercial lots, residential units or even schools, proper doors are mandatory. Burglary is a growing problem these days with so many new thieves around the block. They have modern tools that they use to unlock different types of locks in your absence to break into your property. In such case you might stay alert when you are working, but what about the time, when you are sleeping? That’s when the burglars are most active, and therefore, to keep thieves at bay, prevent break-in and make your property burglar proof, it is important to make the doors tight and secure.

Security Doors: Make Your Property Burglar Proof

Making Your Doors Burglar Proof:

Now, the time has come for you to choose the finest security doors, which will keep burglars at bay. It is not that simple as it might seem, and you have to be very sure of the types of doors you are choosing when it comes to security. There are some security tips, which might help you protect your house from burglars.

#1. Choose the Right Door:

Always remember that if your front and back doors are hollow, it is time to replace them immediately with new ones. How will you know if the doors are hollow? For that, simply knock on it. Hollow doors are veneer sheets stacked over cardboard core. Exterior doors need to be solid and made from solid wood, fiberglass, solid wood core or metal.

#2. Opt for the Windowless Option:

If you are looking for the best burglar proof security doors then go for the windowless option. Door windows allow light to filter into a doorway and they might look a bit inviting. These are likely to add more security risks to your living place, which you would not ever want. In case the window is located around the arm’s reach, it might be easier for the burglars to smash it and open the door from inside. So, avoid such window option completely and increase the strength of home doors to enhance the home security.

Security Doors: Make Your Property Burglar Proof

#3. For a Deadbolt Lock:

Just to add more value to the door, it is high time that you install a deadbolt lock. In case, the exterior doors do not have one then you better get it. So many online and retail outlets are selling such products for you. The deadbolt locks on the security doors need to extend a full inch of door jamb opening. This will further be reinforced with the metallic strike plate to make it stronger. Moreover, you need to be sure that the bolt should be a feature any kind of exterior screws. Always opt for the lock with exit-only deadbolt. These locks will not have any exterior hole and can be locked or even unlocked from inside.

#4. Go for the Frame: 

Just because you are concentrating more on the body of the security doors that does not mean you should not rely on the frame. You have to be very sure of the door’s frame before finally making your purchase. Just like the main body of the door, these frames need to be sturdy and durable for lasting longer services. On the other hand, you have to be sure of the door jamb as well, just like focusing on the frames.

Be sure to get these points straight to come across burglar-proof security doors. The more you research, the better options you are likely to get with ease.

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