Serenity Now Bath Pillow by Simply Elegant

Having a spa experience at home is really a great way to enjoy luxurious relaxing experience without spending time to visit spa. It saves both time and money. However you need to have all the required essentials to experience and indulge in relaxing spa time at home.

One of the major problem which most of us face during spa sessions at home is they have to rest on the hard surface of the bath tub using a towel as a support if you do not have a tub pillow. That makes home spa experience uncomfortable.

But now this is not a problem anymore!

Simply Elegant introduces Serenity Now Bath Pillow which makes it comfortable to have a relaxing spa experience at home.

Serenity Now Bath Pillow by Simply Elegant

Features of Serenity Now Bath Pillow

  • Serenity Now Bath Pillow is a good way to release stress after a tiresome day. It is really suitable for you to relax your mind, body and soul without visiting a spa and without spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Excellent quality of product and it comes in really affordable rate.
  • This tub pillow provides complete luxury spa experience for you with comfortable neck and shoulder support with providing you floating on Cloud 9 in no time.
  • This Cloud Soft Luxury Pillow is suitable for Your Bath tub, Hot Tub Spa & Jacuzzi. When you purchase you also get complimentary Cooling/Warming Gel Eye Mask & Spa Music Download. These extras are completely free and those will sure enhance your spa experience at home.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty, so you are in safe side as a consumer.
  • Made of waterproof material this tub pillow comes in Bi-Panel design which allows keeping the maximum flexibility and there are quick release tabs which are easy for removal.

You can read more details about this Serenity Now Bath Pillow and now there is a sale promotion going on in Amazon. Grab your pillow while the sale is on!

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