10 Signs That You Are An Ardent Astrology Addict

Astrology is an ancient science that has fascinated the human race for centuries. According to this science, the human behavior as well as existence is influenced greatly by planetary movements and events. Such is the significance of these terrestrial placements and events that it can have a far-reaching impact on one’s future. A popular old saying goes “everything is written in the stars” and there are plenty of people who believe in this quote. These people have a strong faith in astrology and astrological readings. Some of them are addicted to such an extent that they think that every single thing that happens in their life is the result of the positions of the planets in their horoscope. Do you think that you are one of them? Go through these attributes and if you have most of them, you are definitely an astrology addict:

10 Signs That You Are An Ardent Astrology Addict

  1. You start your morning by checking your horoscope

Do you read your daily horoscopes the first thing in the morning? Do you turn the horoscope page the first thing you start reading the newspaper? Does it come up as the first thing you do when you start browsing the net every day? Well, you definitely are obsessed with the stars and would not start your day unless you get the daily dose of astrology.

  1. Your social media accounts have lots of astro-talk

Another sign that you are a true astrology fan is the presence of lots of astro-talk on your social media accounts. For instance, you like horoscope pages so that they send you the notifications that you would like to get. Obviously, you post pictures and statuses that declare your love for astrology.

  1. You are interested in zodiac signs of people

When you meet new people socially or professionally, the first thing that you want to know about them is their zodiac sign. You assess their personality traits accordingly and even think whether they would be compatible with you or not.

10 Signs That You Are An Ardent Astrology Addict

  1. Astrology dictates your relationships too

Compatibility in love for you is just about the zodiac. When you measure up your partner only on the basis of their zodiac traits, you are definitely obsessed with astrology. Though this may not be totally wrong, it can have a negative impact on your relationship if you go too far with the obsession.

  1. You have a personal astro-consultant

Another indication of being a firm believer in this mystical science is having a dedicated astrologer to help you find answers to your questions. People who take astrology a little too seriously go for periodic sessions with a personal astro-consultant to guide them about all the major decisions and predict their future as well.

  1. You love reading books on astrology

If astrology is your favorite subject and you have a nice collection of books from the best authors, you are definitely an addict. You will probably love to read them time and again and even try out reading horoscopes and tarot cards just for the sake of fun. Who knows, you might even consider it as a profession in the future!

  1. You have a horoscope app on your phone

If the home screen of your cell phone has a horoscope app or too, you deserve to be called a techie astro-freak. Mobile apps make a great way to access your daily horoscope with just a few clicks. And most amazingly, you can read them anytime and anywhere, thanks to the mobile technology.

  1. You love celebrities who share your zodiac sign

Astro-addicts are curious about the people who share their zodiac sign. If you love the celebrities who are born in the same sign as you are, you are surely addicted to astrology. Intentionally or unintentionally, you are likely to compare yourself with these celebrities and look for some common personality traits.

  1. You have a zodiac tattoo or plan to have one

If you have got yourself inked with a zodiac tattoo or are even seriously considering having one, you are more than obsessed with stars and planets. Getting a zodiac tattoo means that you are ready to show your astro-love to the entire world.

  1. You associate everything with the stars

For you, every little event in your life is associated with the stars. You blame them for negative events and appreciate them for positive ones. Everything, according to you, is pre-decided by fate and you cannot change it.

If you possess most of these traits, you don’t need to profess your love for astrology; everyone around will make out that you are a true believer!



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