Integrative Natural Medicine makes SOPHIA Natural Health Center different

In integrative medicine, you will get treatment for the whole body, soul and mind. With complete treating for you as a whole body, you will get relief from the ailment which is long-term. That is why natural medicine is so much popular. Usually acupuncture, physical therapies and mindfulness programs are used for treatments while keeping the patient in healing process.

Ken Hoffman is a Doctor of Acupuncture who helps people to improve their lifestyle in Health and Wellness and you can find his services if you visit INM.

Integrative Natural Medicine and SOPHIA Natural Health Center

With SOPHIA Natural Health Center you can get the benefits of natural health which helps to improve your lifestyle without using drugs. The team at SOPHIA will teach you how to improve your lifestyle which directly impacts your health.

Their approach is simple and natural. Ken Hoffman is a Doctor of Acupuncture who uses the best of the ancient natural medicine together with modern science. Using the ancient sciences such as acupuncture, therapies and herbal medicine they will work with you to improve your health and lifestyle which gives you long-term benefits.


At SOPHIA Integrative Natural Medicine Centre, you will get below services and benefits from a well trained and professional team.

Blended with ancient Chinese medicine, they will create the best treatment program for you which is unique and created only for you considering your condition.

Acupuncture, Tu Nia and Dietary therapies are some of the natural sciences which they use at SOPHIA INM.Other than treatments, you will also get lifestyle counseling. With such coaching and counseling, patients will be able to learn the techniques that can heal your body and soul. Together with relaxation techniques and physical therapies, you will gain balanced lifestyle which can lead you health benefits throughout the life time.

By visiting you can find more details about team of SOPHIA Integrative Natural Medicine Centre and about their services and treatments.


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