5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials to Amp Up Your Style Game This Season

We all dream of a never-ending summer. Summertime unearths feelings of escapism and freedom. It comes with its own set of music, fashion, food, and mood.

It’s no surprise that thousands of people flock to the mall or online stores to find a wardrobe perfect for the care-free summer ahead.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Your summer attire should accommodate all your adventures from basking on the beach to barbecuing with friends. Is your summer style game strong? If not, check out these five summer wardrobe essentials for a stylish season!

1. The Radiant Sundress

If there’s one summer staple item you need in your wardrobe its the sundress. Versatile, comfortable, and flattering, you can dress-up or dress-down all types of sundresses from midis to maxis!

Sundresses show a sophisticated edge and are a complete eye-catcher thanks to their colorful floral patterns. Try the paisley pattern sundress, for example, and spice it up with a belt, sunny hat and strappy sandals to glam up this summer.Don’t forget to match your handbag with the dress.Here is how to choose the right handbag.

2. The ‘Barely-There’ Pair of Sandals

Similar to the sundress, strappy sandals are every girls’ go-to summer shoe. Not only are they comfortable but they come in so many styles and colors.

Sandals let your feet enjoy the warm rays of the sun, while also providing comfort and style. The best part? Pair your sandals with jeans, shorts, or one of the sundress styles mentioned above.

Strappy sandals are a must-have when hitting the beach, boardwalk, or barbecue this summer.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

3. Short Denim Skirt or Shorts

Almost everybody rocks denim shorts and mini-skirts during summer – and with good reason. Besides being comfortable against the heat, denim is authentic, stylish and works for any summer event.

You can easily throw a pair of jean shorts on over your bathing suit. This staple item goes from beach to boardwalk easily!

Jean skirts are adorable but can also be a little sexy when paired with the right top and shoes. Denim is a classic look that will help make a statement with your wardrobe this summer.

4. Trendy Sunglasses

Sunnies are a summer must-have for any woman to maintain a trendy and cool look. Sunglasses are both functional and fashionable – protecting your eyes and face from harsh UV rays while also amping up your “cool” factor.

Sunglass options are endless from sporty and classic designs to oversized, more fashion-forward styles. You can check out a variety of designs at this women’s online clothing boutique. Fashions fade with time but style is eternal – and sunglasses are forever.

5. Molokai and Off-Shoulder Tops

Molokai and off-the-shoulder tops

For some people, summer means one thing: sweat! While sweating does offer some health benefits, it’s a trendy summer outfit’s worst nightmare!

That means finding lightweight apparel that keeps you feeling and looking cool. Choose colors and fabrics that help keep your body temperature down but your style points high.

Molokai and off-the-shoulder tops accomplish both. Plus, they add a little sass and sexiness to your summer wardrobe! Be sure to choose the right lingerie with your outfit.

Amp Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Now that your summer wardrobe is ready to go, you can start planning the most epic summer ever!

Throwing a beach bash or an intimate dinner? We’ve got you covered! Check our blog for more tips and tricks on choosing the perfect outfit for every occasion.

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