Best Tips to plan your Vietnam Cambodia Laos Trip

Having another holiday is always great and exciting.Are you planing another holiday right now?If so,I am sure you are here to find the tips on planing your Vietnam Cambodia Laos Trip.In Asian region,Vietnam ,Cambodia and Laos are beautiful and must visit countries.However,it is always best to arrange your holiday with

Best itinerary for Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel

Are you planning another holiday to South East Asia? Then as must visit beautiful destinations in Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos must be in your destination list. However, visiting three countries should be with proper plan in order to experience the culture, heritage and beauty of these countries which you

Interesting way to Learn Khmer Language

Learning a new language is always an interesting thing. If you plan a trip to Cambodia or if you work in Cambodia, it is helpful to learn their language. The Cambodian language is Khmer and it belongs to Mon-Khmer language family. If you want to know bit of this Khmer