How to Buy Pearl Bridal Jewellery Sets

How to Buy Pearl Bridal Jewellery Sets

The wedding is one of the most important occasions in one’s life. There is a huge amount of money splurged on the décor, wedding dresses, food, cuisine and beverages in any kind of wedding. While some of the objects used and bought for the wedding can be put into some

Rolex Lover

6 Facts That Every Rolex Lover Should Know

When it comes to luxury watch brands, Rolex is the name that emerges as the clear winner. In fact, no watch lover can consider his collection complete unless he owns a piece or two of this most influential brand in the world. Forbes has listed it as the most valuable

What is a Loose Diamond

What is a Loose Diamond?

If you plan buying diamond jewellery, then you should have some doubts regarding the terms used in this industry. Most of the people struggle of deciding on diamonds as loose diamonds or mounted on a jewellery. However, when you buy a loose diamond, you will get the opportunity to look

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

How To Make A Statement With A Sapphire Ring

Statement jewelry can help you express your confidence, passion, and creativity to the world. It won’t help you play small or stay humble. In fact, quite the opposite! These pieces will boldly announce your presence and flare for style. Sapphire rings make a great choice for statement engagement rings because

Jewellery by David&Martin

Jewellery by David&Martin is well-known for its independent style that combines high fashion elements with minimalist casualness. The brand never follows the trends but aims to inspire women to think different and be different, be themselves. The best style is your own – that’s the company’s motto. Jewellery by David&Martin

Tips for buying Gold earrings

Best Tips for Buying Gold Earrings

With so many different shapes, styles and even colour, earrings make it easy to change the look and wear elegant for any women who like fashion and styles. Without spending much, any lady can keep few different styles of earrings and mix and match with dress and style. Gold earrings