The Art of the Elegant Abstraction by Margharet

If someone is so creative and unique in innovating beautiful art pieces, that is not normal or that cannot be a part of day to day life. Born in Barcelona, Margharet is someone who stands out from the crowd with her creativity in beautiful abstracts.

Abstraction by Margharet
Abstraction by Margharet , Image credits :

If you don’t believe me, then check this collection of Margharet contemporary art before you read further. You’ll see it and you’ll feel the specialty in these art pieces which Margharet wanted to create with her unique and innovative ideas.

The art of the Elegant Abstraction by Margharet
Abstraction by Margharet  , Image credits :

With the belief that the abstraction is the perfect base to the expression of sentiments, Margharet expresses many feelings such as Beauty, joy and fear through her pieces of abstractions. Combining all her dreams, feelings and excitements together with colours she creates something new and unique which tells a story. Different textures and dimensions add more value to her creative work while colours play the most important part of the art piece. To see more details about Margharet and her work, please check’ll sure love her creativity!

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